Welcome to Ducketts Passage, a locations guide devoted to the filming of Goodnight Sweetheart.

This site is designed to be a guide to the many locations around South East England which have been used for the filming of the series, providing details on where to find them, and a comparison between how they look in the modern day to their original appearance on screen.

Our aim is to maintain an up to date database of locations and how they change over time, which means we can reflect alterations, demolition or name changes as they occur. It’s been a great exercise in detection and enormous fun and I hope it turns out to be of interest to you now and in the future.

My thanks and gratitute go to Jo for her help with this project and to the others who do not wish to be mentioned but you know who you are.
Nicholas Lyndhurst  Dervla Kirwan  Victor McGuire  Christopher Ettridge  Michelle Holmes  Emma Amos  Elizabeth Carling
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The Filming Locations for Goodnight Sweetheart