Season 1

1 "Rites of Passage" 18 November 1993
After being called out on a television repair, Gary Sparrow stumbles down an alley way called Duckett's Passage and unknowingly finds himself in war-torn London. There he meets Police Constable Deadman, Royal Oak bar owner Eric, and Eric's young married daughter Phoebe. Gary at first takes the Royal Oak to be a 1940s thematic pub, however after an air raid Gary realises the truth and that he has actually travelled back in time.

2 "Fools Rush In" 25 November 1993
Gary buys some 1940s clothes to look the part in the past. When he returns there, he takes Phoebe dancing and has an unexpected encounter with Phoebe's husband.

3 "Is Your Journey Really Necessary?" 2 December 1993
Gary is thrown into a panic after reading that Phoebe's East-End London neighbourhood got heavily bombed by the Germans exactly 53 years ago that day. After making excuses to Yvonne, Gary quickly darts back to the forties to warn Phoebe and the patrons of the Royal Oak.

4 "The More I See You" 9 December 1993
Yvonne becomes irritated with Gary and attends a university course in Huddersfield. Meanwhile, Gary persuades Ron to print him the correct identity papers, in exchange for a trip back to 1940. Although Ron follows Gary down Duckett's Passage, only Gary winds up in the past.

5 "I Get Along Without You Very Well" 16 December 1993
Gary sees an article in the paper concerning Phoebe Sparrow. Worrying that Phoebe will be waiting for him forever, he goes back to 1940 to end their relationship, telling Yvonne that he is going to a football match in Lithuania with Ron.

6 "In the Mood" 23 December 1993
Ron tries to convince Gary to deal in the 1940 stock market, in order to make lots of money in 1993. Upon arrival in 1940, the King is due to visit and Gary has a plan to meet him.

Season 2

1 "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" 20 February 1995
A couple of months have passed, and Gary reluctantly travels back in time again to try another investment scheme. He goes into a bank in 1941 and meets a bank manager named Mainwaring and Wilson, his chief clerk, both of whom are in the Home Guard. When he hears the names Mainwaring and Wilson, Gary begins singing the Dad's Army theme song. Back in 1941, he finds that Reg is of the force and Eric has died in an air-raid bombing and that a much more hardened and cynical Phoebe is running the Royal Oak.

2 "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good" 27 February 1995
Yvonne is desperate to move house and have a baby; the pressure affects Gary's "performance". In order to test his equipment, he goes back to visit Phoebe and finds she has a new admirer, a Czechoslovakian soldier named Ludo, or "Robert" as he wishes to be known. Gary is insanely jealous, and interferes in Ludo's attempt to con Phoebe out of the money her Dad left her. Phoebe isn't happy, as Gary is too unreliable for her and the "new" Phoebe won't stand for it.

3 "Just One More Chance" 6 March 1995
Gary's present-day marriage is under strain. Things get worse when Gary is convicted of drink-driving and loses his driving licence and his job. In the past, Phoebe begins to warm to Gary again, and they discuss a possible future together. Meanwhile, Yvonne organises a visit from a friend, a social worker, to try and help their marital problems. Despite Gary's negativity, it does work, in a roundabout way.

4 "Who's Taking You Home Tonight?" 13 March 1995
Gary talks Ron into giving him a "job" and to Ron's surprise, some wages too. Facing pivotal points in both his relationships, Gary agrees to have meals with both women at the same time ... but 53 years apart! With Ron's help, Gary manages to arrange the meals within 100 yards of each other and attempts to eat both meals and keep both ladies happy. If he can get away with it, he'll be a legend amongst men!

5 "Wish Me Luck..." 20 March 1995
Yvonne is offered a promotion at work, which means moving to Macclesfield. Realising he can't continue his double life, Gary has to choose between Phoebe and Yvonne. With Ron's help, he fakes suicide in the 90s and finds a room to let in the 40s.

6 "As You Wave Me Goodbye" 27 March 1995
Gary is disappointed to discover that 1941 is a great place to visit, but a terrible place to live. He's hungry and bored. Also, now that he lives in the East End, Gary is enlisted on fire-watching duty on top of a paint factory. When he forgets about it, the Royal Oak regulars give him the cold shoulder. He's desperate to go home, but he has killed himself. Is he stuck in the past?

7 "Would You Like to Swing on a Star" 3 April 1995
Gary is struggling for money, having only an imaginary job. He hits upon the idea of taking pristine 1940s items to the present and selling them. Yvonne is heavily into her drama group, much to Gary's chagrin. The play involves a kissing scene with a good-looking actor. Gary is called upon to provide the wardrobe, and later to act, while in the 40s he enters a talent contest to try to win a new radiogram for Phoebe.

8 "Nice Work If You Can Get It" 10 April 1995
Having made an impression with his performance in the 1940s talent show, Gary is signed up by Sidney Wix to perform with a touring troupe in arenas around London. Gary's nerves aren't helped by the fact that the arenas are in rough areas, coupled with his promotion to lead actor in Yvonne's play. The pressure increases when Sidney Wix offers Gary a lucrative contract to sell "his" songs to recording artists, a deal Phoebe believes will provide them with a terrific future. His doctor prescribes him something to calm his nerves, but, as Gary starts to take more and more of the "happy pills", his performances become more and more interesting.

9 "Let Yourself Go" 24 April 1995
Yvonne thinks she may be pregnant, putting more strain on Gary. When Yvonne goes to her parents for the weekend, Gary joins Phoebe on a trip to the countryside. They spend the weekend visiting Phoebe's cousins, who have been evacuated. Spurned on by interest from an American serving with the British (as a bomber navigator), Gary takes his relationship with Phoebe to another level. Now he just needs to decide if he's ready for fatherhood.

10 "Don't Fence Me In" 1 May 1995
Phoebe is having trouble from the brewery. George Harrison, the brewery's representative, is keen to remove Phoebe from her tenancy of the Royal Oak. He does, however, offer her a deal. If she lets him stay in her spare room and provides "special favours", then he'll make sure she keeps her tenancy. Unfortunately, Mr Harrison has met his match, as Gary arrives with his futuristic gadgetry. Back in the present, Gary campaigns to stop building on the site of Duckett's Passage. Is this the end of his time-travelling ways?

Season 3

1 "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" (Christman Special) 26 December 1995
Gary buys a shop for his new business selling World War Two items, and Ron terrifies Gary when suggesting he might have influenced the Americans' decisions over Pearl Harbor. Thus to prevent putting a dent in history, back in the 1940s Gary tries convincing a senior American of the Japanese attack.

2 "It Ain't Necessarily So" 1 January 1996
When Gary returns from a skiing holiday, he goes to see Phoebe, but makes an error in front of Mrs Bloss. This creates problems for Phoebe, but Mrs Bloss has a secret too. Stella Wheatcroft arranges a New Year's Eve party but doesn't invite Ron. Gary benefits from British Summer Time.

3 "One O'Clock Jump" 8 January 1996
Talking to Reg in 1942, Gary is surprised to find that Reg has no children. Eventually Gary discovers that Reg has had an affair with a bus conductress, Margie, and that unknown to Reg she has a little boy, Frankie, who is Reg's son.

4 "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" 15 January 1996
While Ron and Stella continue to have their marital problems, Gary discovers that somebody is passing forged notes in wartime England. Ron tells him that the Germans flooded England with forged notes, hoping to undermine Great Britain's economy.

5 "Change Partners" 22 January 1996
Gary has become overconfident about his relationships with both Phoebe and Yvonne, and boasts to Ron about his prowess with women.

6 "Goodnight Children Everywhere" 29 January 1996
Back in 1942 Phoebe's orphaned niece and nephew Sally and Peter are back from the country and are staying with Phoebe at the Royal Oak. The Kray twins, who live just around the corner, are forbidden to join as their behaviour is too disruptive.

7 "Turned Out Nice Again" 5 February 1996
In 1942 Gary encounters George Formby and his organising wife who want to buy a hit song from him. Phoebe believes that Gary should sell them his new song  "When I'm Sixty-Four"  but Gary has doubts about the matter and dissuades George from purchasing this Beatles classic.

8 "There's Something About a Soldier" 12 February 1996
Phoebe's husband Donald has escaped from the prisoner of war camp in Italy and has been welcomed home as a hero.

9 "Someone to Watch Over Me" 19 February 1996
Gary returns to 1942 and discovers that Phoebe is very ill in hospital with pneumonia.

10 "The Yanks Are Coming" 26 February 1996
With America in the war, her soldiers are in London and visit the Royal Oak. Inevitably this causes difficulty for Gary, when being questioned about his imaginary lifestyle in America. Back in the nineties, Ron pesters Gary to strike a trading deal with the Americans.

11 "Let's Get Away from It All" 4 March 1996
Yvonne is very keen to sell their home in Cricklewood and move into a large complex with a swimming pool and gymnasium in the basement. This is the last episode to star Dervla Kirwan as Phoebe and Michelle Holmes as Yvonne.
Seasons 1 - 3

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